Aluma Clean Polished

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Aluminum Cleaner For Polished Aluminum

Aluma Cleaned For Polished Aluminum

Streamline’s answer for an aluminum brightener that is for cleaning and brightening polished aluminum. Polished aluminum for years has only been able to be cleaned with neutral pH products, meaning no acids or alkaline products. Streamline has developed a product that uses mild acids and citric products to accomplish this. These acids along with the latest in surfactants and penetrates has solved this problem with polished aluminum. Streamline has sold this product to concrete companies for removing concrete from glass, paint and fine polished aluminum rims and aluminum fuel tanks. We have found that this product works great on polished aluminum tanker trailers, aluminum bull rack trailers, and polished aluminum of all types. Also works well on chrome bumpers, chrome wheel covers, chrome rims as well as stainless steel products like the rear doors on truck trailers. Removes mild oxidization, road film, graying pollution products, and mild rust from these types of materials with out turning them white or dulling them, and rinse film free for a great shine.


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