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Ant, Roach & Spider Residual Killer

Item # R425
Ant, Roach & Spider Residual Killer. RTU Solvent-Based Crawling Insect Killer. Dual Synergized Pyethrin 0.05% & Propoxur 1.00% Residual Activity Lasts for Weeks. This residual insecticide with propoxur and synergized pyrethrins has excellent flushing action. Kills ants, roaches, spiders and certain other crawling insects. Insect killing power lasts many weeks indoors. Using a good sprayer (compressed air) apply product along baseboards, into cracks and crevices, under sinks, behind refrigerators, stoves and any other place where insects tend to hide, breed and crawl. Outdoors product may be applied along foundations, window screens, door frames and along ant trails. Direct application to garbage cans and dumpsters will help to control the infestation of these resistant insects. Ready to use. Registered in California
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