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Streamline Chemical Dilution dispensers

Streamline Chemical Dilution dispensers in stainless steel cabinets are the industry's preferred equipment for dispensing a wide variety of automatically diluted solutions into spray bottles, buckets, auto scrubbers or other containers at the touch of a button. Solutions dispensed through Streamline proportioner dispensers are automatically diluted to the proportion called for by the concentrate manufacturer. For the user, Streamline Proportioners facilitate use of concentrates, freeing employee time that would be required to properly measure solutions and eliminating the rework caused by improperly diluted solutions. Users benefit from using concentrates by reducing order costs and the possibility of stock-outs. Single dilution dispensers are ideal for filling buckets and auto scrubbers from sinks in janitors' closets, while 2-button models work to fill triple sinks in foodservice applications. The 3- and 4-button Streamline Chemical Dilution Proportioners are widely used in institutional applications. A long track record of reliable performance has proven Streamline chemical dispensers with stainless steel cabinets to be durable even in demanding environments. There are no extra charges to combine 4 GPM (high flow) and 1 GPM (low flow) flow rates (eductors) in Streamline dispensers, simply order the model with the combination desired. All Streamline dispensers are supplied with vacuum breakers. Streamline units are available with 2 types of anti siphon valves, E-Gap, which provides backflow protection through use of an elastomeric sleeve. (ASSE 1055B Approved) or Air Gap, which use a one-inch gap of air between the water source and the chemical inlet to provide backflow protection. (ASSE 1055B Approved)

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