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Welcome to Streamline Supply

Streamline Supply manufacturers the newest ground breaking industrial chemical and cleaning solutions for professionals. Serving Transportation, Industrial Cleaning and Janitorial Industries. Our knowledge of chemistry in the chemical industry, sets us apart from most competitors allowing us the ability to manufacture special blends to meet our customers changing demand for the most economical, safe, Industrial Cleaning products, Degreasers, Vehicle Wash products and Hand Cleaners on the market.

Streamline Supply manufactures an extensive product line of Industrial cleaning products, truck or car wash cleaning including, mobile, self service and automatic vehicle wash system cleaners, maintenance, institutional, and sanitation supply cleaning. Some of our specialized concentrated heavy duty cleaners include applications for, All purpose cleaning, heavy equipment, adhesive, tar and decal removers, cleaners for concrete acid truck wash, warehouse shop floor soap, concrete and asphalt parking lot cleaners both liquid and powdered floor cleaner for use by hand, or with an automatic scrubber or with a Pressure Wash Sprayer. New innovative chemical technology has allowed us to produce some of the most economically, concentrated Aluminum Safe Products, Aluminum Safe Degreasers, Citrus Cleaners and Touchless Vehicle Wash products on the market, allowing these products to rinse easily leaving behind a spot free shine.
 Streamline Supply has been the leader in the cold weather season in industries such as Apartments, Commercial buildings, hotels, motels, restaurant and food service industries. Our Ice Melt d-icing products are some of the safest, economical products on the market. We are shipping our Melting Mountains and Blue Heat Ice Melt products all across the county with impeccable service, and quality.
 All of our products go through extensive testing by our lab technicians for quality and consistency, which means to you our customer that you receive the highest quality, cleaning product on the market.
 To compliment our extensive line of industrial cleaning supplies, we also distribute a complete line of

  • Chemical dilution dispensers: chemical control proportioning equipment for the dilution of concentrated cleaning and sanitizing products.
  • Brooms and Brushes: for warehouse floors, streets, wash brushes for aggressive, as well as fine finishes on trucks, cars and buses.
  • Safety equipment: Several types of gloves for warehousing, chemical resistant, cut resistant, disposable gloves both Nitrile and latex, powdered or powder free, Mechanics gloves, Welding gloves, drivers gloves, leather work gloves, and gloves that are lined and insulated for the cold temperatures.
    Give us a try.  Let Streamline Supply, Inc. be your one stop shop for all you Industrial Cleaning Supply, and Maintenance needs!


Streamline Supply, Inc. BBB Business Review
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