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Chemical Dilution Dispensers

At Streamline Supply we carry a large selection of Hydro Systems Chemical Management Systems, and Chemical Dilution Dispensing Proportioners.  The AccuDose Select Chemical Dispenser will dispense up to 5-Products with a selector knob, or the AccuDose Push Button Chemical Dispenser will dispense up to 3 products with the push of a button, these are our most economical chemical proportioning systems. These systems allow real flexibility to add as many products or different dilution ratios as needed, inexpensively and easily. Ideal for janitorial closets. Our Foam Master Series chemical dispensing proportioners automatically dilute concentrate to generate a thick, rich, clinging foam.  One of our most popular chemical dispensers is the Hose End Hand Held Sprayer & Foamer Chemical Dispensers or hand held, hose-end chemical dilution proportioners are easy to use! The on and off functions of the sprayer/foamer are finger-tip controlled and they quickly allow either a full width spray or a powerful jet stream when rinsing. The perfect solution for cleaning of animal and pet facilities. Replacement nozzles are available for these units. The HydroMaster Wall & Drum Mount Chemical Proportioners and be mounted directly on the wall or attached to the top of a drum of concentrate chemical and  automatically mix liquid concentrate with water for dispensing the diluted solution into any container (auto scrubber, mop bucket, buddy jugs, etc.) HydroMinder chemical proportioners keep any reservoir filled with consistently mixed solution, or water, without pouring, stirring, waiting or downtime automatically. AccuPro chemical dispensing control system provides maximum control of the dispensing operation when fluctuation in water pressure is an issue. Streamline Series Chemical Proportioners, dispense up to 4 products and are widely used in institutional applications. A long track record of reliable performance has proven Streamline chemical dispensers with stainless steel cabinets to be durable even in demanding environments. Available in high flow for mop buckets or high volume applications or low flow for bottle filling or packaging purposes. For multiple  product use, the AccuDose Select uses the selector valve concept to lower costs for bottle and bucket filling. Units can be supplied with a selector knob, or the more traditional button operation to meet your individual needs. Various Options & Accessories are available for all these chemical dispensers, including hoses, carts for holding bottles and containers, trigger guns, and connectors. All of these chemical dispensers come complete and ready to hook up to your concentrate chemical. You just supply the water connection. If you have questions, please give us a call and one of our technical specialists will be happy to assist you with your Chemical Management needs as well as any chemical concentrate questions.

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