Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Weather you are looking for Industrial Strength Cleaners, soaps or degreasers, Streamline Supply manufactures a complete line of economical products to fit your every need.

Our professional line of Vehicle Wash Detergents: Consist of cleaners and degreasers for the best Automatic Car Wash Detergent, Self Service Wash Soap, Touchless and Brushless wash detergents, Stage One and Stage Two cleaners for your car, truck or trailer washing needs. Our line of Tri Foam cleaners for an excellent fragrance and bright colors in a super concentrated form for heavy dilution. Our Aluminum Safe Degrease and Aluminum Safe Touchless are the best, extremely concentrated formulations, safe for cleaning polished Aluminum on Trucks, Cars, and Trailers.

Our professional line of Floor Cleaners and Degreasers:  Consist of concentrated powdered floor cleaner and liquid floor soaps and degreaser for the warehouse, garage, sealed concrete or asphalt cleaning, low foaming products for use with an automatic floor scrubber, power or pressure washing, or just cleaning with a broom.

Our professional line of Hand Cleaners:  Consist of our most popular Cherry Scrub manufactured for dirty, greasy, hands. Cleans in the deep cracks of Mechanic's hands but yet will not dry out hands like most heavy duty hand cleaners. Our Cherry Hand Cleaners are manufactured with cosmetic grade pumice, and special oils and conditioners to keep hands soft, and conditioned, yet cleans like no other.

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