Chemical Dilution Equipment

At Streamline Supply we carry a large selection of Hydro Systems Chemical Dilution Management Systems

At Streamline Supply we carry a large selection of Chemical Dilution Management Systems, and Soap Dilution Control, dispensing Proportioners. Manufactured by the world's largest independent manufacturer of proportioning, dispensing equipment serving the janitorial, institutional, food service, commercial cleaning, industrial and automotive care chemical dilution market needs. Our commitment to cutting edge technology, customer satisfaction and safer operations make us a leader in chemical dilution control and the chemical dispensing industry. We invite you to browse our site and see how our unique array of products can suit your concentrated chemical dilution, cleaning, industrial, and janitorial needs. These chemical dilution systems allow flexibility to add as many cleaning products or different soap dilution ratios as needed, easily and inexpensively. Ideal for janitor closets, meat packing plants, food service, animal sanitizing applications, automatic dispensing of concentrated soap, chemicals, industrial cleaners, sanitizers and degreasers.

AccuMax Push Button Economically dispense and dilute from 1 - 3 concentrated chemical products at the push of a button

AccuPro: Delivers dilution of chemical dispensing accurately regardless of fluctuations in water pressure.

AutoDose:  Using flexible programming, the AutoDose dispensers allow users to dose drains, cooling towers, boilers, pools,  or other areas at the appropriate times.

FoamMaster:  Automatically dilute chemical concentrate to generate a thick, rich, clinging foam

Hydro Sprayers: Economical hand held, chemical dilution dispenser that hooks up to the end of a water hose

Hydro Foamers: Economical hand held, chemical dilution dispensers that hook up to the end of a water hose and produce foam

HydroFlo: A faucet proportioner that adds the amount of concentrate you preselect into the water stream from a faucet to deliver diluted chemical solution

HydroMaster:  Chemical proportioning dispensers made simple for easy mounting on walls or drums 

HydroMinder: Float valves keep any tank or reservoir filled with consistently mixed diluted chemical solution

SinkMaster:   Allows filling large sinks with properly diluted solutions of detergent and or sanitizer regardless of the size of the sink or how much is cleaning solution is dispensed

Streamline Series: Accurate dispensing of concentrated chemical. Long lasting Stainless Steel cabinet. Available with high and low flow rate buttons for chemical dilution, filling tanks, buckets and small bottles



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