AccuMax Push Button Chemical Dispenser

AccuMax Push Button Chemical Dispenser
Push Button Chemical Dilution



The AccuMax Proportioner Series will dilute and dispense up to 3 concentrated products at the touch of a button. The AccuMax Series is the first in Hydro Systems’ new product line of chemical dispensers. It’s a culmination of 30+ years of industry expertise and all the best features. The AccuMax is versatile and durable, featuring patented AccuPro Technology for dilution control.

With AccuMax Technology, you can eliminate dilution variance and ensure you are never using too much or too little chemical. You will always be dispensing just the right amount!

Features and Benefits:

·         Simple Installation

·        1-5 GPM flow rate options

·      New, expansive workspace to easily route tubes

The AccuMax system is available with two types of backflow prevention eductors:

            Hydro’s E-Gap eductors which provide backflow protection through use of an elastomeric sleeve. (ASSE 1055B Approved)

            Hydro’s Air-Gap eductors which use a one inch gap of air between the water source and the chemical inlet to provide backflow protection (ASSE 1055B Approved)

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