Dilution Dispenser for Sanitizing and Food Service Applications

Dilution Dispenser for Sanitizing and Food Service Applications
Dilution for Sanitizers


SinkMaster Proportioning and Dispensing System
meets the need for filling large sinks with detergent and or sanitizer in food service applications. Convenient, point of use dispensing for manual warewashing. The Hydro SinkMaster chemical dilution system was carefully designed to include the following benefits to food service operations.

  • The ball valve operation allows use without holding or locking or button.
  • Ultra lean metering tip is included for today’s super concentrated sanitizers.
  • Chemical performance is optimized by consistent, appropriate dilution.
  • Tough standards of food service hygiene become easier to maintain.

SinkMaster systems are available with two types of flow rate anti siphon valves: Hydro’s E-Gap eductors, which provide backflow protection through use of an elastomeric sleeve. (ASSE 1055B Approved) Hydro’s patented HydroGap II air gap flow rate eductors, which use a one inch gap of air between the water source and the chemical inlet to provide backflow protection (ASSE 1055B Approved)

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