Hose End Hand Held Sprayers and Foamer Dispensers

Hose End Hand Held Sprayers and Foamer Dispensers
Foamer & Sprayers Hand Held

Hose End Cleaning and or Sanitizing Hand Held Sprayer and Foamer Dispensers


HydroFoamer and HydroSprayers are hand held, hose-end chemical dilution proportioners that are easy to use! On and off functions are finger-tip controlled using a trigger on the spray gun. To rinse, the concentrate container is disconnected using an easy-to-operate quick coupler, which is designed to allow either a full width spray or powerful jet stream when rinsing. Streamline Supply offers a packaged system that comes with both the HydroFoamer and HydroSprayer and when used in combination, a total system is provided that allows cleaning, rinsing and sanitizing. Built with proven, reliable components - durability proven by years of use in the field, non-electric, no installation required - just fill the concentrate container and connect the dispenser to a water source.

The HydroFoamer and HydroSprayer have proven successful for many applications:
• Restaurants
• Food preparation areas
• Supermarkets
• Food processing plants
• Animal care/research facilities
• Penal institutions (shower areas)
• Health care and educational facilities
• Service stations
• Paving contractors’ facilities (asphalt release agents)





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