HydroMaster Wall & Drum Mount Chemical Proportioner

HydroMaster Wall & Drum Mount Chemical Proportioner
Wall or Drum Mount Automatic Chemical Dispensers

HydroMaster, Drum or Wall Mount Chemical Dilution Dispenser


Automatically mix liquid concentrates with water and dispense the diluted solution into any container (auto scrubber, mop bucket, drums, buddy jugs, etc.) Automatic dilution takes the variability out of the cleaning system, so the concentrated cleaning solution consistently delivers maximum performance. HydroMaster chemical dispensers use water power, not electricity, so concentrates don't have to be located near outlets, just within a hose's reach of a water source. HydroMaster Chemical dispensers and proportioners are built with high quality, chemical resistant materials and have established a reputation for long life in demanding industrial environments, so they're inexpensive to operate and maintain as well as to purchase. HydroMaster dispensers are not designed for use with a spray nozzle or any other type of shut off valve at the discharge end of the proportioner. If the application requires this type of operation, see information on the HydroSprayer and HydroChem Series of chemical dilution dispensers.


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