HydroMinder for Low, Medium and High Volume Chemical Dosing

Automatic Tank or Reservoir filler and Chemical Dispenser

HydroMinder for Low, Medium and High Volume Chemical Dosing (Automatically  Maintains a Tank or Reservoir Level)


HydroMinder is an automatic chemical dosing and filling systems for low, medium and high volume chemical dispensing. Keep any reservoir filled with consistently mixed solution without pouring, stirring, waiting or downtime. When the solution level in the reservoir drops, the HydroMinder chemical dispenser has a float that opens a non-electric, magnetic valve allowing the tank to fill with solution. The flow of water siphons a metered liquid concentrate into the water stream, automatically maintaining the level of ready to use solution. (Models are available for maintaining a tank of plain water, too) When the tank reaches the preset fill level, the HydroMinder shuts off. The HydroMinder has become the industry standard for liquid level maintenance. Widely used in the car wash and truck wash industry for diluting soaps and degreasers. Streamline Supply Inc. uses these types of dispensers in their drive thru truck wash systems to dilute concentrated vehicle wash products and maintain the levels in chemical holding tanks. We have found this system, with the exception of and occasional orifice needing cleaned, to be maintenance free, and last for years even with high alkaline or acidic wash soaps. We have also found that one of the best things about these systems is no electric valve system is needed meaning less maintenance and installation cost!


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