MultiDose Chemical Dispenser

chemical concentrate dispensing

The MultiDose is a unique hand pump designed to deliver accurate doses of concentrated cleaning chemical into sinks, bottles, buckets, and other containers. Its attractive appearance makes it especially suited for areas that might be seen by the public.

The MultiDose does not require a water line connection—it dispenses concentrated chemical directly into the desired container. This makes it an exceptional valuable in many environments.

Features & Benefits:

  • Variable dosage (5-30 ml per stroke), selected at time of installation, meets almost all product needs
  • Accurate delivery at all dosage rates
  • Quick recovery, even with thick products
  • Recovery can be delayed up to 10 seconds, if desired
  • Hinged discharge spout resists breakage from contact with equipment, pots and pans, etc
  • Chlorine resistant, so there’s no need to keep multiple models in stock
  • Simplified design with very few moving parts, to reduce possibility of failure and eliminate downtime
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