Steam Cleaning Soap Nitro

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Heavy Duty Steam Soap

Nitro (Highly concentrated heavy duty steam detergent stripper)

Streamline’s Nitro is a highly concentrated steam detergent that is formulated for the really tough steam cleaning jobs that other degreasers and cleaners just leave behind. We use a special blend of detergents and penetrates in this heavy duty steam soap that quickly dissolve carbon, grease, soot, some adhesives, cheap paints, oxidization, and other soils that most degreasers won't touch. Streamline's Nitro will even remove some tar and asphalt. This product was not formulated as a general purpose wash detergent but as a stripper that leaves behind a clean surface stripped of all surface films. This heavy duty steam soap can be used through a pressure washer or a steam cleaner and will remove and degrease just about any type of soil. This is a industrial strength soap and performs like one. No other steam soap is stronger than this one. Used by many paint shops as a surface prep before priming or painting over old paint. 100% biodegradable. Test on all surfaces before using!

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